When reporting payroll information to the ATO through Single Touch Payroll (STP) using ClockOn’s gateway provider, messages are sent via the message center in ClockOn. The responses will be monitored using the ClockOn Windows services and will be displayed back in the message centre.

The following instructions will guide you through using the Message Centre to monitor the STP Jobs. The Message Centre allows you to track and check manually the status of all previously submitted single touch payroll messages.

STP Jobs Toolbar

  • Start/End Date: These allow you to view messages for a selected range.
  • Status: This button allows the user to check on the message status from the ATO.
  • Delete: Deletes the record from the database.
  • Select All: Selects all of the viewed items.
  • Refresh: This will reload the screen and retrieve all single touch payroll messages for the selected date range.
  • Results: This will display the results in a RAW format from the ATO. Not easily read but can be used to troubleshoot errors returned from the ATO.

Checking STP messages

  1. To check the status manually open up the Message Center. Go to the Home tab and click on the Messages icon.
  2. To View all the current STP jobs that are currently in progress select In Progress under the STP Jobs section.
  3. ClockOn will regularly check online for the latest information however if you prompt a check by pressing the Status button. The system will then attempt to check online for the latest information.
    1. If it is successful it will display in green colouring and show a successful status.
    2. If the message is in error it will show in Red and show an error status. You can expand the message to reveal the message detail of why it was in error.

NOTE: These errors were created during the compliance testing and results may differ.