Businesses with 19 or fewer employees will have to report under STP rules from 1 July 2019. Businesses with 20 or more employees began reporting from 1 July 2018. 

NOTE: Exemptions to STP reporting may be available to businesses that have no internet or have an unreliable connection. Please see the ATO about this.

ClockOn, a STP enabled payroll solution, has 3 STP submission types to ensure that your business reports on the correct information to the ATO. 

  1. Payroll Submission – This option is used the majority of the time for sending data to the ATO once a payroll has been finalised. Select the payroll to submit and all employees associated with that payroll, that have a valid payslip, will have their YTD values transmitted to the ATO. Also used for Payroll adjustments
  2. Payroll Replacement – This option is only to be used if there is an issue or error with the data contained in a previously sent payroll submission. It allows the users to select the payroll affected and resubmit the data once it has been corrected.
  3. Employee Update – This option is used to transfer the latest employee YTD values to the ATO when there are changes made outside of payroll. Minor changes or corrections to be payroll do not have to be sent via this option, they can be sent using the normal payroll submission when the next payroll is completed. This option allows users to update the employee data outside of payroll in preparation of EOFY.

The following instructions will guide you through the data validation process, prior to submission, if there are any issues. This process is for both the manual and auto submissions

Data Validation

When running the STP wizard it will ensure that your company and employee records are valid for STP submission. You will only see the following screenshots if there are errors. Typically see the following screens when you run the STP wizard for the first time if you have added a new location and have missed some information like the ABN or added a new employee and their records have some invalid information like their TFN is not correct.

Single Touch Payroll Wizard with data validation.

  1. Validate, process and finalise your payroll as normal in ClockOn. Remember to print out your reports and export your EFT file (*.aba)
  2. Open the STP Wizard. This can be done at the end your payroll, before clicking on Finish or by going to the Payroll menu and click on the STP Wizard icon.
  3. Select the submission type ‘Payroll Submission’.
  4. Select the payroll that was just processed and press Next.
  5. Ensure that the company records are valid and correct, this will display the current authorisation details and any errors that have been detected.
    1. If there are errors, double-click on the company record and correct them and save.
  6. Once all of the company records are showing as valid, press Next.
  7. Ensure that the employee records are valid and correct, this will employees were processed in the selected payroll that also had a valid payslip.
  8. Once all of the employee records are showing as valid, press Next.
  9. The next screen is the STP Submission page, this ensures that you have declared the data correct and valid and are ready to submit the data to the ATO for processing.
  10. Press the Submit button, ClockOn will then send the data to our gateway provider, or generate the files ready to be uploaded, to send to the ATO. Logging information will be displayed, if there are errors or warnings, then please call ClockOn support.
  11. Press Finish to complete the wizard.