If you’re a business with 20 or more employees you will need to start reporting payroll information to the ATO, through Single Touch Payroll (STP), from the 1st of July 2018. ClockOn, a STP enabled payroll solution, has 3 STP submission types to ensure that your business reports on the correct information to the ATO. 

  1. Payroll Submission – Used to submit your payroll data once a payroll has been completed in ClockOn. Also used for Payroll adjustments
  2. Payroll Replacement – Used to replace a submission that had an error when being submitted to the ATO.
  3. Employee Update – Used to update your employee information, typically when changes are made outside of payroll.

The following instructions will guide you through how to perform an Manual STP replacement from ClockOn, using the STP Wizard. Running the latest build of ClockOn give you access to the STP wizard, allowing you to generate the files required in order to manually submit your payroll data to the ATO using the gateway provider of your choice.

Manual Payroll Replacement.

If you have chosen to use your own STP gateway provider to report on your payroll information then you will NOT have received any messages in the ClockOn Message Centre receive that there have been errors with your payroll submission. You will need to talk to your STP gateway provider in order find out if there were any errors and what the errors are with the submission so you can resolve them before you run a Payroll Replacement. 

Payroll replacement is NOT used for fixing up errors in the payroll, like backpay or an incorrectly paying someone. For this, it is recommended that you make these changes in ClockOn and then in the next pay period when you run the payroll submission those changes will be updated.

Running a Payroll Replacement through the Single Touch Payroll Wizard.

  1. To open the Single Touch Payroll Wizard. Go to the Payroll tab and then click on the STP Wizard icon.
    ClockOn Payroll - STP Wizard
  2. Select the submission type ‘Payroll Replacement’.
  3. Select the payroll that was processed in error and press Next.
    ClockOn Payroll - Payroll Replacement
  4. Press the Submit button, ClockOn will then create the files required to lodge with your STP Gateway Provider.
    ClockOn Payroll - STP manual submission
  5. You will be prompted that you are about to perform a manual payroll submission. Click on Yes to continue
  6. There will be another pop up asking you to confirm validation. Click on Yes to continue
    STP Data Validation
  7. The final screen will advise you that the submission is complete. In this case, as a manual submission, your data has not been submitted to the ATO, rather the files have been generated ready to be uploaded.
  8. Navigate to the above file location to access the files for each location. This will be in the STP folder of your ClockOn installations directory, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\ClockOn\STP. In this folder, the files will be saved under the Location\date\Replace. you will need to work with your gateway provider on how they require these files.
  9. Back in ClockOn, press Finish to complete the wizard.

If you require any further support please Submit a ticket in your ClockOn Support Customer Account.