The roster calendar is an overview of all the rostered shifts and unavailability the employee may have over the current and future months. 

NOTE: It will not load all dates to save on time and data usage.


To access select Rosters from the menu

The roster entries will display coloured markers to indicate if the employee is rostered or unavailable. The colours are based on the time sheet's role colour.

NOTE: The default role colour if not assigned is yellow and unavailability will always show the colour black.


To view you rostered times press on the date and the shift will be visible below the data

  • For shift entries the roster will indicate:
    • The start/end times
    • Location
    • Department
  • For unavailability entries the roster will indicate: 
    • The start/end times
    • The reason for the time away.

Emailing the Rosters

To email yourself a copy of the current roster:

  1. Click on the envelope in the top right corner
  2. Once pressed there will be a pop up asking if you are sure you want to get the roster. Press Yes
  3. You will be notified that the request has been sent to the ClockOn server to then email you a copy of the roster.

  4. You will be send a copy of your current roster in an attached PDF document