ClockOn recommends that companies run an EOFY validation process prior to running the EOFY finalization process. This is used to ensure that all of the employee details are valid and that they have payment details for the financial year. 

Please click the following link for a full listing of the steps relating to the preparation and processing of EOFY and PAYG Summaries. - Processing EOFY through ClockOn

If you have multiple locations that share the same ABN all of the employees in these locations will be consolidated for EOFY purposes, some of the things that the validation checks

  • If an employee has had any financial payments for the year
  • The employee card files have correctly formatted TFN’s

Running the Validation Wizard

  1. Go to the Payroll tab and Click on Validate PAYG Summaries

  2. Select the location you are validating the data for. NOTE: you will need to run this for each location that has a difference ABN. 

  3. Select the Financial year. NOTE: It will default to the Latest available financial year, then click Next to continue.

  4. You will be prompted with a screen showing all the valid employee (Ticked) and any employees with potential errors (Not ticked).
    1. If an employee is in error, double click on the error message and you will be taken to the area in ClockOn to make corrections.
      NOTE: All employees that you are required to report to the ATO on, for the financial year, need to be valid before proceeding. For example, the error message Group Cert Invalid:… means that the employee has had no income this financial year and is not required to be reported to the ATO. It is ok to leave this employee as unticked
    2. Once the issues are resolved the employee with have a valid tick against them.

  5. Click on Finish

TIP: Don’t forget to repeat this for each individual ABN