This item has been rectified as of ClockOn build 326. 
You can check to confirm that you have this fix by confirming your ClockOn version and build number

We have recently identified an item relating to the biometric scanner enrollment process.

We have identified that when using the enrolment process as presented in the Employee Enrolment - Enrolling Finger Prints article, on re-opening the enrolment screen after a successful enrolment, the newly enrolled employees are not showing as being enrolled. This item also affects the Disenroll feature. 

Enrolments done in this fashion will work as normal, in that employee scan times will be recorded and read to the timesheets\alerts where necessary, however, if the enrolment sync process is run over the scanner the affected employee enrolments will be removed from the unit/s.

We have found that this affects enrollments completed since the release of Build 321 (released 27/04/2021). Enrolments done prior to this update being applied will remain as per normal.

The Workaround

The following additional steps are to be followed to allow the enrolled ticks to show correctly.

  1. Select an employee.
  2. Click the Synchronise button.
  3. Select to enroll using the Finger button or Disenroll to remove the record from the scanner for the employee.

This process will need to be repeated for each employee that you need to enrol.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this and will advise within our release notes email once this has been resolved.