About the Data Setup Wizard

The ClockOn implementation team uses the Data Setup Wizard to help in the collection of the data that is required for the set up of your new database. Even if you have not purchased all of the ClockOn modules the wizard still requires all of the required fields to be filled out. The required fields in the Data Setup Wizard are the white fields, the grey fields are "not required" fields to have however some of these are very useful and will save time in the data setup stage. For example, employee email addresses, the award name, and employees are on and their super member number.

This guide is intended to answers some of the frequently asked questions when using the wizard, please use the Help button in the top ribbon to further help you with the wizard.

Tip: In the Data Setup Wizard, each Step is saved as you use this. This means that you can come back to the wizard at any time during the process until you are ready to uploded the backed up zip file to the provided secure access folder.

Tips for using the wizard spreadsheet

For Steps 1 – 6 you can create a New Spreadsheet and then add your information to this and then Import Spreadsheet. You don’t have to do this, you can use the Add Row button to add a new row and then type the information in. Where the spreadsheets are particularly useful is for Step 3 | Employee Data. When you click on the New Spreadsheet button it will open up Excel and you will be able to add all of the information you require into the spreadsheet. Often people will create an employee export from their current payroll system and copy and paste over the details.

Tip: DO NOT import the spreadsheet until it is completed or you will get duplicates. If you need to re-import the spreadsheet you can delete all the rows in the wizard and then re-import the wizard.

Tips for each Step

Things you will need to Fill out the Data Set up Wizard

Step 1 | Location Data

This includes the company’s ABN and bank account details.

Tip: The last column Account User No. may be required for the .aba file that is uploaded to the bank. Please check with your bank if a User Number is required for your .aba file or upload a copy of one of your .aba files to the secure folder provided to you.

Step 2 | Departments

Department in ClockOn represents your different areas or cost centres within the company. They are used for:

  • Costing Reports
  • Allocating costings via journal entries to your 3rd party accounting package
  • Allocating an employee to a Location, for the end of financial year reporting
  • Restricting access for Manages to only see the employees of a department and not others (For Rosters, Timesheets and the Message centre)
  • Budgeting in the rosters

Tip: If you have the same department over multiple locations you only need to add this department in once.

Step 3 | Employee Data

This is where you add all of your employee details that will be in the ClockOn System. Other than the basic personal information please ensure you have the following information

  1. Start Date – This advised the system of the employees anniversary date and affect when the Leave Pro-Rate role over, amongst other things
  2. Tax File Number – If they don’t currently have one please go to https://www.ato.gov.au/Forms/PAYG-payment-summary—individual-non-business/?page=3Tip: If there is no need to have
  3. Rate\Salary – For any of your employees who are casual please used the unloaded rate. For example, if the casual loading is 25% and the employee needs to be paid at $28 p/hr (including the loading) please used the calculation $28 / 1.25 = $22.40
  4. Award Name – Please use the award name from the Fair Work website https://www.fairwork.gov.au/awards-and-agreements/awards/list-of-awards
    Tip: If you are using an individual agreement please upload this to the secure folder and in the Data Collection Checklist please add the particulars around penalties, overtime and allowances to help us with the setup of your individual agreement
  5. Employee Bank details
  6. Employee’s Super Member Number – the fund details are added later.

Step 4 | Roles

These are the tasks that are performed by your employees. This is primarily used in the Rosters module of ClockOn. These roles will be assigned to a department and then to an employee

Tip: If you have the same role over multiple departments you only need to add this role in once.

Step 5 | Superannuation Data

This is where you need to add the employee's fund names and their USI or SPIN number. If you have any Self-Managed Super Funds please add SMSF in the USI / SPIN column and add the ABN, Service Address, Account Name, BSB, and Account Number details to the Data Collection Checklist. This list is for all the super funds that will be required in the system

Step 6 | Payslip Category

A legal requirement on printed payslips. ClockOn requires this field even when using the rostering and attendance modules. For non-payroll users enter “staff”. This category should represent your employee's pay level. Please have a look at the Fair Work Pay Guides https://www.fairwork.gov.au/pay/minimum-wages/pay-guides to provide the correct Classification name. Please add the Classifications that you are currently using and may use in the future. If you have an individual agreement please advise on the Pay levels within that agreement

Step 7 | Link Departments to Location

Click on the department you want to be connected to a particular location. Each location must have at least one department linked to it. Multiple can be linked

Step 8 | Link Roles to Departments

Click on the Roles you want to be connected to a particular location. Each department must have at least one role linked to it. Multiple can be linked

Step 9 | Link Roles to Employees

Click on the Roles you want to be connected to a particular employee. By linking a role to an employee, specifically the role you make as default, you will be assigning the employee to the Location that the role is connected to. (The roles read – Locations : Department : Role)  An employee can have multiple roles linked to them. If this is the case you need to ensure the correct role is marked as the default

Tip: if your locations have different ABN’s and an employee is required to work at multiple of these locations, and be costed to the location. Save this step and go back to step 3 and duplicate the employee. Then comeback to step 9 and link them to the relevant role.

Step 10 | Link Payslip Categories to Employees

Click on the Payslip Category (Classification) you want to link to the employee. Only one can be linked.

Step 11 | Link Employer Superannuation Fund to Employees

Click on the main Superfund you want to link to the employee. Only one can be linked.

Tip: If an employee has any salary sacrifice or co contribution funds this is added to the Allowances section in ClockOn. Please add this information to the Data Collection Checklist

Step 12 | Validation Summary

This will let you know if you have missed any of the required fields.