Time Service Application

Unlike our newer devices there is no way to automatically adjust the time for the older C-PASS series of units. As such a manual process is required.

This is done through an application that is loaded onto the system in which the device is plugged into called the ClockOn Time Service.

The application can be accessed by double clicking on the icon for the ClockOn Time Service is represented by an icon in the task bar as a red Lightning Bolt in a bronze ball in the system tray, near the Windows system clock.

From this point follow the steps as outlined below in order to adjust the time on the unit.

  1. Select the tab 4 Device Settings and deselect the tick next to Active.

  2. Select the Device Date date drop down select the current day’s date
  3. Enter the new desired time in the Device Time Box (please be sure to enter this using 24hr time)

  4. Click the Set button

  5. To finish up reset the Active tick, then click Save, then Close.
    NOTE: that while the Active checkbox is left unchecked times will not be automatically sent to ClockOn

If you require any further support please Submit a ticket in your ClockOn Support Customer Account.