While ClockOn does pre-load a list of the nationally recognised public holidays in our major releases, all state, territory and locally-based Public Holiday dates will need to be manually entered into the system to ensure that your staff is paid correctly.

The example below demonstrates how to add a public holiday for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (10/06/2019), as this date is only recognized for states and territories other than Queensland or Western Australia.

NOTE: For more information on covering a shift to a public holiday leave entry read: Shift Operations - Changing Shifts to Public Holiday Leave. If you have any half-day public holidays please read: Half Day Public holidays

  1. After logging into the system with an administrator-level account, select the Setup and then System Setup option from the top menu bar.

  2. Select the option for Calendar as shown below.

  3. You will then see a calendar view of the current year with previously added public holidays displayed in a different color.
    Move the mouse over the date on which you intend to add the Public holiday for (in this case it is 10/06/2019) and Double Click to select it.

  4. A Public Holiday Setup screen will be displayed from where you can assign it a relevant name (in this case Queen`s Birthday as shown below).
    You will also need to select the departments of which this holiday will affect, this is to allow for locations that reside in a different state where the holiday doesn’t apply.
    If your entire site is entitled to this holiday period you can use the Select All button to negate the need to individually select your departments.
  5. Click on Save

For a full list of up and coming state-based public holidays please visit: https://www.fairwork.gov.au/employment-conditions/public-holidays