Question: How do I pay out leave when I am in payroll?


Within a payroll you have the ability to payout employees Leave amounts. Please follow the steps below on how to do this.


  1. On the payroll screen for the employee expand the option for Gross leave payouts
  2. Expand the leave type you would like to pay out. In this example we are looking at the Statutory Annual Leave
  3. Enter the number of hours you would like payed out to the employee. These hours can be added under either Opening Balance or Pro-Rata. 
    TIP: Pro-Rata is the number of hours of leave that has been accrued and taking for an employee in there current year of work, from their start date, this can become a negative number as long as the balance is still a positive figure. 
  4. The system will then convert those hours to a dollar figure at the employee current rate of pay and include this amount in the employees Tax and Super for this payroll.