Question: How do I know if the payslips have been sent?


Both Payslip Reports and Roster Reports can be emailed out to your staff. To Check the tracking of these emails you will need to go to the Message Centre screen and check under the Scheduled Jobs section. The Steps below will help you to do this. 

  1. To open the Message Centre click on the Home tab and then the Message Centre icon.
    NOTE: you can access the message centre by clicking on any of the message centre icons from with ClockOn, not just from the Home tab 
  2. In the Message Centre under the Jobs menu click on either In Progress or Completed. This will provide you with feedback on the email attempts and by clicking on the event it will give you some further information. The newest emails will be at the bottom of the list so please scroll down to view the last Employee Email Blast.

NOTE: All emails are sent from the ClockOn Database server using the SMTP setting set up in the System Setup, and not from the local machine the icon is installed on, unless it is the same as the ClockOn server.