Templates are used to speed the construction of new rosters. Any roster may be copied and saved as a template. 

  1. To save a roster as a template for reuse, first select the entire roster by pressing CTRL + A or by clicking in the top left hand corner:
  2. Press CTRL + c or right click on any selected shift and select Copy.
  3. Select the Add/Edit Template button:
  4. Doing so clears the display and activates template mode, indicated by the text Running in Template Mode in the bottom left hand corner:
  5. Next, right click anywhere in the cell where you know the first shift occurs (i.e. if the first shift from your roster was on Monday, click in the Monday cell, if it was on Wednesday then click in the Wednesday cell)
  6. Select Paste to place the previously copied roster into the template workspace.

  7. Make any required changes to the template, like removing any leave entries

  8. Select the Save Template button.

  9. If no templates have been previously loaded, the message No templates selected. Would you like to create a new template? will appear.

  10. Select Yes and enter the name of the template followed by the Save command.

  11. The template drop down now contains the name of the newly created template: