Component templates differ from ordinary templates in that they typically encompass a subset or component of a complete roster template. They may be created as subsets for each day, or based on major role groupings for the period.

Example: Component templates may be constructed using seven daily templates or alternatively role group components such as register operators, management or back office.

Super (full) rosters may be constructed by merging several components into the same display.

  1. First select the component template you wish to add:
  2. Now select the Merge template toolbar button to add the selected component template to the currently displayed roster. This process is repeated as often as required until the new roster is complete.

Example component template:  Daily 

In the example below, component templates have been created for each day of the week:

  1. Select the Merge Template button from the template toolbar to merge the selected component template into the current display. The process can be repeated for each component template as required. 
  2. Shifts loaded from templates can be modified to reflect varied daily trading hours and known peak trading periods.
    NOTE: An entire roster can be rapidly constructed using a range of component templates. For example, the roster below is based on seven daily component templates and includes special rostering for Thursday late trading and Sunday low trading:
  3. Once a template is loaded to a live roster all shifts on the roster can be saved (including unassigned shifts).  
    NOTE: When a roster is printed, unassigned shifts will not be shown on the printed output, Unless selected to in the report options