Please be aware that ClockOn does not offer any inbuilt backup feature directly from the program. 

There are many specialist backup products available, suiting a wide variety of specific business needs. ClockOn Pty Ltd does not offer any software, hardware or consultancy services for the purposes of backup and accepts no responsibility for the user's failure to back up data.

It is highly recommended that ClockOn data is backed up on a regular basis using an appropriate hardware/software solution.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using our cloud-hosting solution there is no need to follow this process as ClockOn handles your backups for you on a nightly basis. If you would like further information on this please give our sales team on 02 4344 9444 option 2.

ClockOn Pty Ltd advises you to contact your independent hardware and software support agent to ensure that all data is efficiently and effectively backed up so as to protect against machine failure, power failure, software failure, or human error.

Upon installation, the default path for backup purposes is “C:\Program Files (x86)\ClockOn\Data”. for 64 bit and “C:\Program Files\ClockOn\Data” for 32 bit

Please Note: For custom installations, the path and name of the data directory may vary from the standard.

To backup your database you will need to first locate your main ClockOn machine (also referred to as the "ClockOn Server").
Once this has been located you will need to find the folder in which the Data folder resides on the system. 

The easiest way to do this is to follow the example from the image below.

This folder will contain a number of files, all should be included for valid backup.   

Once this folder has been located and copied, it can be compressed (zipped) and copied to your desired location.