Whether you are using the trial version of ClockOn or the ClockOn application, the login is as follows:

NOTE: If you are using the web-enabled browser version of ClockOn please read: Logging into the ClockOn Web-enabled Version


The default username and password is "admin", "clockon".


Main Screen

After logging, depending on your access, the Main Screen will look like the following

  1. At the top of the screen there are quick launch icons available to add/edit timesheets, select payroll, edit employee details, change password, log out and close ClockOn.
  2. Access to the individual tabs and icons is determined by the employee security role or licensing. Each tab has a different set of functions available.
  3. On the lower section of the screen the company, license information and number of registered employees is displayed.

NOTE: Depending on the Attendance Options (Main Screen) setting on the employees special options tab will determine if the Clock On screen will open.