If the scheduler is running in ClockOn then the registration process will occur automatically.  If there is a need to manually apply a registration or manually check for an updated registration then the following steps can be used.


Manually register ClockOn

  1. To manually register, select the ClockOn tab.
  2. The current licence details are shown.


Registration when a key has been sent to you by ClockOn staff

  1. To manually enter in a registration key that has been provided by ClockOn staff select the register button.  
  2. This results in the display of the End User Licence and Support Agreement which must be agreed to in order to continue.
  3. To proceed with registration, press the I Agree button.
  4. This opens the ClockOn Registration Form. The user should then paste the User Name and Registration Code into the respective fields, having previously copied them from the registration information sent by email.  
    TIP: Copying and pasting eliminates typographical errors and ensures correct registration.
  5. Click on the Registration button.
  6. After the registration button has been selected the following message will appear, Click OK.
  7. The fields at the top of the registration form (Current Licence Type, Registered User Name and Number of Registered Users) will be displayed. The Registered User Name subsequently appears on various payroll reports, including pay slips.

Note: Operation of the Payroll is restricted to the number of employees (registered users) nominated at the time of purchase. Following registration, the registered User Name becomes read-only and cannot be edited.

Following registration, the Registered User Name will be displayed above the shortcut icons on the main screen. Typically, this is the company name. The number of registered users and database connection type is displayed on the status bar at the bottom of the main screen.

Checking for an updated registration code

To manually check for the latest registration key:

  1. select the activate button, which will check for any new registration keys and update automatically.
  2. When the activate button is used, both the ClockOn registration and the Web portal registrations are checked and updated automatically if they are available.