Prior to your first payroll in ClockOn the following tasks will need to be completed

  • In the case where ClockOn has been tested in parallel with an existing payroll, it is necessary to remove all time sheets and processed trial payrolls prior to the date of the first live payroll period (the Go Live date). 
  • All processed sample or dummy payrolls should be rolled back.
  • Current employee entitlements and Year to Date (YTD) values should be entered.
  • Enter each employee's entitlement balances (annual leave, personal leave, long service etc) in the employee screen.
    • If the YTD balances are not available before the go live date, they may be updated during any subsequent payroll. In that case, set each employee's YTD balances to zero before going live. When entering YTD balances after the go live date, the value being entered must be added to the accrued value displayed.
  • All your employees time sheets will need to entered 
  • Update the employee payroll start dates to the intended start date and pay period using the first screen of the payroll wizard. If more than one payroll is to be run, it will be necessary to enter more than one payroll start date and length. In that case, the appropriate pay periods should be linked to the corresponding employees using Employee Pay tab.

NOTE: All Go Live assistance will be billed for the actual time the ClockOn representative assists you with the 1st Payroll. Once completed you will be handed over to the ClockOn support team. For most subscription customers this will mean that you will be moved to email support only.  

If you have any further questions talk to your implementation contact at ClockOn