Shift Start/End from the Main Screen

Employee clock times may be synchronised to a single reference clock on the network, providing assurance to both employer and employee that no employee is disadvantaged by clock time differences. Clocking on and off is the key to a system that generates major savings in time, money and effort and provides time sheet certainty to both employer and employee. Clocking on or off will automatically log the employee out. The employee may alternatively, clock on or off using hardware devices or the internet. Employees may register breaks by clocking on and off in a similar manner.

ClockOn incorporates predefined start and finish windows for each shift and break to which employees are rostered. Clocking on and off outside these windows generates an Alert colour code in the time sheet, providing an accurate means of monitoring staff arrivals, breaks and departures.

Start, break and end times (whether rostered or not) are displayed in the employee time sheets together with the actual times logged.

Rostered Clocking On

  1. When you initially log in to the ClockOn desktop application you will prompted with a ClockOn screen or you can click on the Clock On/Off button from the Home tab
  2. This screen will allow the user to Clock on and off and clock break start and end times.
  3. It will also show the logged in users name, the rostered shift that the employee is clocking against as well as the actual times that are being clocked.
  4. Once a time is clocked the user will be logged out.

NOTE: If an employee is not rostered (as indicated in the Shift Information field), he or she will not be able to clock on, unless the Allow Non-Rostered Clock On/Off option has been enabled by the Administrator. (Employee Setup – Special Options Tab).

Non-Rostered Clocking On

Employees do not have to be rostered in order to clock on.  There are two administrator options are available to enable this to happen. See below on how to do this:

  1. Navigate to Setup and open up the Employee Details window 
  2. Click on the Special Options Tab)
  3. The first option is Create Time Sheets from Working Week. The hours identified in the field Working Week are automatically assigned to the employee, where no time sheets are already present for a given day, at the generation of payroll.
  4. The second option is to determine how Non-Rostered Timesheets (non-rostered shifts) are treated at payroll. 
    1. Show as Errors: The non-rostered shift ('none') must be changed to a correct shift name in order to be processed (e.g. 08:30-17:30)
    2. Show as Warnings: The non-rostered shift ('none') may be changed to a correct shift name in order to be processed (e.g. 08:30-17:30) or just 'approved'.
    3. Allow Processing: This prevents validation errors being generated in the time sheets if no shift has been attached to the employee. When time based penalties are not required, this option eliminates the requirement for the employee to be rostered.

NOTE: When time sheets are created either with or without an attached shift, either the total hours worked or the Start, End and Break times must be entered by the Administrator.  Incomplete time sheets are displayed in red in the time sheet window. These time sheets must be corrected and completed in order that payroll processing can proceed.

How Clocking On Works

When using hardware with ClockOn, the user is automatically clocked on to his or her shift or break. The reverse applies when clocking off a shift or break. The Main Screen Clock On and Clock Off buttons are mutually exclusive. The appropriate button only becomes available when a user is logged in.

In the event of an employee forgetting to clock on or off, three solutions are available to the Administrator:

  • The Administrator may enter the employee times (Start, Break and End) using the Time Sheet screen.
  • The Administrator may enter the total number of hours worked, using the Time Sheet screen.
  • The Administrator may use the Auto-fill function if the employee has been rostered.

NOTE: When an employee fails to clock on or off for a shift or break, the time sheet for that employee will display a colour coded warning. ClockOn can be configured to send email alerts to a specified email address in the event of a no show sheet alert.

The System Clock

The operation of ClockOn hinges on successful time management and employee accountability. For this reason it is imperative that the system clock is both secure and accurate. When operating on a local area network, all ClockOn time entries are linked to a Clock Server.

Whereas Windows clock time may be changed by the client or workgroup user at will, ClockOn can be configured to refer to a designated computer on the network known as the Time Server. This computer ideally is accessible to the Administrator only. Clock time is automatically updated and synchronised with the Time Server on all client machines on opening ClockOn and when logging in and clocking on.

The settings for the Time Server are located in the System Setup under the Other tab