Enrolling an employee’s fingerprint into ClockOn for Time & Attendance is quite straightforward once you have your scanner installed and connect to the ClockOn database. If you require assistance in installing the ClockOn biometric scanner please refer to Installation Guides under the Scanner > Getting Started section of the knowledge base

Preparing an employee for enrolment

In order for an employee to be able to enrol on a scanner, the employee needs to be allowed to work in a department that the scanner has been assigned to.

You can assign an employee to work at a site by:

  1. Opening the Employee Details screen selecting the employee that you would like to modify and then selecting the Departments tab.
  2. This Departments tab shows where the employee is allowed to work if they have admin rights to a department and where they are being paid from. To modify the ticks, click the button labelled “Select” in the lower portion of the screen.
  3. You will then see a listing of all of the departments that have been setup within ClockOn, and you can adjust the ticks in the “Works At” column to suit where they will be permitted to clock their times.

NOTE: If the employee still doesn’t appear under the location in the enrolment screen it may be that the scanner itself hasn’t been added to the setup, if this is the case please contact support@clockon.com.au