Application Tab

In the application panel are quick access options to alerts and reminders, reports, change password, system setup, help and exit ClockOn. This panel can be minimised using the arrow at the top of the panel.


The icons shown on the application tab allows the registration of ClockOn (register) and The Web Portal (unsubscribe).

At the bottom of the page it displays the installs Version and Build

Home Tab

In the Home tab the Roster option, Time Sheet option, Time sheet Approval, Roll Back Time sheet Approval, Message Centre, Export, Import, Clock On/Off, Logout, Help and Exit are available.

Payroll Tab

In the Payroll tab the Payroll option, Parked Payrolls, Roll Back Payroll, Create ABA File, Create Journal File, STP Wizard, Create PAYG Summaries and Validate PAYG Summaries are available.

Setup Tab

In the Setup tab the Employee Details option, Employee Enrolments, Rule Sets, Allowances & Deductions, Rate Schedules, Locations, Security Roles, Qualifications, Terminal Manager and System Setup are available.

Reports Tab

In the Reports tab, All reports, Favourite Reports, Roster Reports, Time Sheet Reports, Payroll Reports, Leave Reports, Employee Reports and Audit Reports are available.

View Tab

In the View tab, options to Minimise All, Restore All, Cascade All, Switch Windows, Close All, Minimum Icons, Defaults Desktop and Save Desktop are available.

  • Minimise all – will minimise all open windows in ClockOn

  • Restore all – will restore all open windows in ClockOn to maximum size

  • Cascade all - puts windows in a single stack that has been fanned out so that the window titles appear. This allows you to see which windows are open and switch easily between each one.

  • Switch all – will allow switching between the open windows in ClockOn.

  • Close all – will close all open windows in ClockOn.

  • Minimum icons - will toggle your toolbar view to include a minimum or maximum number of icons to be displayed on your desktop. Once you have selected the layout you prefer, save your desktop layout and this will be your default layout each time you use ClockOn.
  • Default desktop – will default the layout of your desktop back to the original ClockOn default screen layout

  • Save desktop – will save the current customised desktop you have chosen. The will be the default view of your screen each time you log into ClockOn.