In order to ensure that you are using the latest release of the ClockOn software, the system is designed to automatically check for updates on a scheduled basis with the default for this set to occur daily at 3 am.

Once an update has been applied to your ClockOn server, and the application has been opened, the local update will be performed to ensure that you are using the correct files on your local system. This is to ensure that the server and client builds are in sync.

If you would like to confirm that an update has been performed on your system you can confirm that you are using the latest build of ClockOn follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the blue ClockOn logo located in the upper left of the screen

  2. Note the text lower middle of the screen (highlighted yellow below) and match the version and build number to the release notes notification that you received.

Please Note: If the update is not applied to your system within a few days of its release we recommend contacting the ClockOn support team for assistance at