While ClockOn is designed to perform as many automated calculations as possible there are times when the nature of a particular rule is hard to apply to a condition automatically. This is due to too many variables in order to consistently trigger a rule. One such condition might be applying specific types of Overtime (OT) manually.

Using a Special Rate for Overtime

The below steps will show you how to apply an Overtime Special Rate to a time sheet.

  1. Create the required OT special rate/s in the required Rate Schedule
  2. Applying the Special Rate to an employee
  3. Apply the special rate to the Time sheet

Creating an Overtime Special rate

  1. Go to the Setup tab and click on Rate
  2. From the Rate set List select the rate set you want to add the Special
    Rate to. If there are no Rate sets then click on the Add button. Double click to click on Edit to edit an existing Rate set
    In the Rates
    Manager window, (Add a Name and Description if it is a new Rate set), click on the Special Rates tab.
  3. Click on the Add button to add a special rate
  4. Give the Rate a name that will make sense when you need to select it – e.g. Overtime (150%)
  5. From the Type drop-down select Percentage and enter the Rate.
  6. Click Add again if you want to add another special rate or click on Save
    https://clockon.com/edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/081018_0649_UsingaSpeci2.png        https://clockon.com/edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/081018_0649_UsingaSpeci3.png

Applying the Special Rate to an employee

Before you can apply a special rate to an employee’s time sheet you need to ensure that the employee has the rate set assigned to them.

NOTE: this needs to be added before you are in payroll if you want to apply a special rate to a time sheet while you are in payroll

  1. Go to the Setup tab and click on Employee Details
  2. Navigate to the Pay Tab
  3. Ensure you have selected the Rateset that you have just added/modified for the employee
  4. Once selected click on the Save button

Apply the special rate to the Time sheet

For the Special Rate to work, it will need to add to the time sheet. The steps below will guide you through this process

  1. Go to the Home tab and click on Time sheets
  2. Navigate to the employee and time sheet that you want to add the OT special rate to.
  3. Double click on the time sheet to enter in to the Time sheet details or select and click on Edit
  4. In the Time
    Details window click on the Rates button
  5. In the Time Sheet Breakdowns window click on the add button and select Add using custom times
  6. From the Special Rate, drop-down select the special rate you have just created or want to apply to the time sheet
  7. This will then change the Type and the Rate
  8. Update the time range that you want to add the OT too.
  9. If you need to add more click on the Add button again

NOTE: If you have a special for the Whole shift then a % rate will move that part of the shift into just a % of the base rate.

Once you have added the special rate to the time sheet this will automatically calculate in the Payroll.