How to set up Paid Parental Leave

There are a couple of simple steps that need to be performed to set up someone on paid parental leave for that first time. These steps are:

  1. Adding a New Leave Category
  2. Creating a Rule Set
  3. Updating the Employee card file
  4. Adding the Paid Parental Leave to the timesheets for the employee

You will only need to set up Steps 1 & 2 the first time. Once these have been set up you will be able to use these settings for any future employees who take Paid Parental leave.

Adding a New Leave Category

So you can apply the correct leave category to the employee’s timesheets you first need to set it up.

  1. Go to the Setup tab and click on System Setup

  2. On the System setup window go to the Categoriestab and;
    1. Click in the Name field, under Leave Categories and then type in Paid Parental Leave. You can add a Description if you want
    2. Process as Other
    3. Tick Paid and Notes required
    4. Click on Save

Once this is done you will be able to add “Paid Paternal Leave” as a Leave type from the Rosters and Timesheets windows.

Creating a Rule Set

You will need to create a Rule set to apply to employee not entitlements will be added to the leave.

  1. Go to the Setup tab and click on Rule Sets

  2. Once the list of current Rule Sets open, Click on Add

  3. On the New Rule Set window add the following information
    1. The General Page – Ensure you name the Rule set, give it a description, Select correct Pay Period (Weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or Monthly) and Pay type is Hourly

    2. Once this page is done, Please go through all the other pages and ensure that you turn off all entitlements. By default they will have no information however, Please check this.
      1. Overtime, Penalties, loadings
      2. No leave accruals, (excluding LSL - this should still accrue)   
      3. No super (0%)

    3. Once checked then click on Save to create the new rule set.

Updating the Employee card file

Now that the “Paid Parental Leave” Leave Category has been added and we have a “Paid Parental Leave” Rule Set you can now add this to your employee who is going on Paid Parental Leave.

NOTE: Before making any changes please take note of the following information:

  1. The Centrelink letter with the day rate:
  2. On the employees, Pay tab take note of the Rule Set, Rateset and their Hourly Rate or Salary

With the above information, you can now update the employee’s card file.

  1. Open up the Employee card file go to termination/notes tab and use the General notes section to record details of existing Ruleset, rateset, hourly rate and any allowances you might have needed to remove.

  2. Go to the Pay tab and update the following
    1. Rule Set: Add the newly created Paid Parental Leave Ruleset.
    2. Rateset: Change to None, if there is one set
    3. Hourly Rate: You need to add the Hourly Rate that is calculated from the Centrelink Day rate.

  3. Click on Save

Calculating the Hourly Rate

(Centrelink Day Rate X 5 (days in the week)) / Number of hours per week (38 hrs)= Employee’s Hourly Rate

Example: ($139.00 X 5) / 38 = $18.2894

Timesheet entries

You will need to add timesheet entries for the employee for each payroll period (5 entries for weekly or 10 entries for fortnightly) each day needs to be 7.6 hrs of leave – This can be added for the whole Paid Parental Period. Then you can just process payroll as per normal.

  1. Open up the timesheets Window

  2. Navigate to the employee

  3. Click on Add

  4. On the Timesheet Details you will add the following:
    1. Select the date range you want add Leave entries for. In this example, I will be adding 5 days – Monday to Friday. If you wanted to add a fortnight be careful that you removed Saturday’s and Sunday’s after to create the leave entries
    2. Change the Type to be Leave
    3. Change the Category to be Paid Parental Leave
    4. Add 7.6 to the Time entry length
    5. Add a General Note
    6. Click on NOTE: you will need to Save and add General Notes for each record.