This document will assist to add a new employee, in ClockOn, to your team. Before adding setting the employee up you will need to gather some information to make the process smoother. The information required is:

  1. Contact details (Personal and Emergency)
  2. Position details (Job title, Start date, Rate/Salary, work type, award and department)
  3. Bank details
  4. Tax file number (TFN)
  5. Superannuation details
  6. Other Allowance/Deduction details (HELP, Child support)

NOTE: We have a New Employee form template located at

Setting up the new employee in ClockOn

To add an employee you will need to have the correct security settings applied (link to security setting) to your login or login as the administrator.

  1. Once you have collected all the required information from your new employee open up ClockOn with a user who has the ability to add an employee. 
    NOTE: When saving during the new employee process you will be prompted on missing fields that are minimum requirements to add a new employee. Please be aware that these minimum requirements are for Rosters and Attendance to work. For Payroll, you will need to add additional information (Covered in this document).
  2. Click on the Setup tab and under the Employee Setup section click on Employee Details to open up all of the employee card files.
  3. Once in the employee’s window click on the Add button, on the ribbon.
  4. After clicking on the Add button you will need to add all of the following relevant details, as bear minimum on the following tabs, to create a new employee.
    1. Personal Tab
      The email address needs to be added in order to send Rosters and Payslips to the employee. The Email Password is the password you need to give the employee to be able to access their payslip. Under Security, the Username and Password is for the employee to access the program and the web portal (if they have access to this)
    2. Categories / Dates
      The Categories are set via the System Setup. The Start Date, entered on this tab, is the actual date the new employee will start work. The Probation Ends date will default to 3 months after the start date.
    3. Pay
      1. Rule Set – Select the relevant rule set for the employee. Depending on the rule set will determine if you are adding an Hourly Rate or a Yearly Salary
      2. Rateset – Select the relevant rateset for the employee.
      3. Pay Start – This date is the start date for the pay period the new employee will fall into.
      4. Tax Category – Select the relevant rateset for the employee. These are set up in line with ATO requirements. These are not customisable
      5. T.F.N – Enter the new employee’s Tax File Number
      6. Pay By – Select the method by which you plan to pay the new employee. Select EFT to be able to pay from the companies bank account into the employee’s
      7. BSB, A/C Number and A/C Name – Enter all of the required bank account detail for the employee wage/salary to be paid into.
      8. Superannuation – Select the employee’s fund from the drop down and then add the Member No. If the employee’s fund is not in the list you can leave this blank and add the Superfund later in the System Settings and then come back and update this. 
        TIP: If you add a “NEW STARTER” Superfund in the System setting you can add this for an employee who doesn’t, at first, provide a fund. That way you can exclude this fund when doing the reporting.
    4. Special Options
      There is a range of settings that can be added here, we recommend that you have a look at a similar employee to keep these settings similar across the board. Some of the most common settings have been highlighted here.
      NOTE: To ensure that all scan times are recorded to time sheets, even with no rostered shift, tick the Allow Non Rostered Clock On/Off.
      TIP: One special option to note is the Attendance Options (main screen). If you have a scanner you are unlikely going to need to give them access to be able to Clock On/Off at the main login, however, if there is no scanner this function will allow the employee to clock there times from the desktop app when they log in.
    5. Departments
      You will need to add a Worked At and Default department for the employee. On the Departments, tab click on. If you haven’t saved before this point you will need to save now.
      Once you have saved the employee card file (you will be prompted if you have missed any defaults) you need to select at least one Works At department and the Default department that this employee will be costed to, so they can be processed at payroll. You can select multiple Works At if you need to roster this person at multiple sites. Then Click on Save,
      The Department screen will now display which departments they are connected too. The Admin tick boxes are used if the employee is going to needed to see other employees from those departments. Typically Roster officers, Timesheet approvers, Payroll staff and some managers will need to Admins of different departments.
  1. Once these 4 tabs have been filled out the employee will have been sufficiently added to ClockOn so you Roster them, process their timesheets and process them in payroll.
  2. Click on Save
  3. Go back to the Payroll tab and then under the Allowances section click on Select and select the required Allowance Set and click on Save again. By having an allowance set attached, even a blank one, will allow you to easily add allowances during payroll processing when they are required. (See Allowances)

Other Useful Settings

The above steps are the bare basics of setting up a new employee within ClockOn, however, there are some other settings that you might need to set up depending on the way your ClockOn is configured. These include:

  • Roles / Qualifications – This where to associate the employee’s roles and qualifications for the employee. These are commonly used when in the rostering screen
  • Working Hours – This where you allocate the usual working hours for an employee if they work different hours to the Location or department hours.
  • Contacts – This is where you add the Next of Kin details and other contacts
  • Termination / Notes – This is where you can, obviously, flag the employee to be terminated. However, you add other important employee related notes and link to documents that are saved to your server/computer or other location. NOTE: these documents are not saved within ClockOn, this only links to the location