Leave Exclusion zones are defined as single or multiple days on which leave and training cannot be reserved by employees. 

NOTE: The Administrator does, however, have the overriding authority to enter leave or training during these periods.

How to define a Leave Exclusion Zone

  1. After logging into the system with an administrator level account, select the Setup and then System Setup option from the top menu bar.
  2. Select the option for Calendar as shown below.
  3. Select the date range by using click and drag (left to right). The dates will become bold and flash
  4. At the bottom of the calendar click on the Reserve button.
  5. This opens the Leave Exclusion Setup screen. The relevant locations and departments can then selected by selecting the Has Exclusion box. There is a Select All option also available which acts as a toggle to select or deselect all, as required.
    To clear a Leave Exclusion Zone, reselect the zone and then select the Reserve button. Deselect the Has inclusion box or use the select all button to toggle off the checks:
  6. Click on Save
  7. Once saved the dates selected will be a Dark Grey, by default, or what colour you have selected.