In ClockOn the Super funds are added, deleted and edited in the System Setup screen. Superannuation funds configured on this screen form a master list that is available for linking to employees.


  • SMSF: Self Managed Super Fund
  • USI: Unique Superannuation Identifier. Refers to the super fund membership of the Australian Payments Clearing Association.
  • Service Add: Service Address. This field is currently used for super-stream, and is used to enter the URL or IP address for their super fund address reference. This is obtained via the ATO website or their super fund. If it is a SMSF then they are to use the ATO approved alias as there is no web address for them.


  1. To Access the System Setup screen you will need to ensure that all other ClockOn Windows are closed. Navigate to Setup > System Setup.
  2. In the System Setup click on the Super tab
  3. Use the Edit buttons to make changes to the Funds