ClockOn stores and manages costs for all departments. This is achieved by ensuring that all inputs to timesheet and payroll processing have assigned departments:

  • All timesheets (including leave and training) must have an assigned department.
  • All pay slip allowances/deductions must have an assigned department.
  • All pay slip super payments are automatically assigned a department.
  • All pay slip tax calculations are automatically assigned a department.

When processing timesheets and payroll, all costs are grouped and displayed by the department. In addition, most reports are grouped by department, facilitating costing by the department.

To access the Departments screen first click on the Locations button as shown below

Then select a location and click on the Departments button 

This will show a listing of the departments within the site, from there you can add edit or remove (if not already in use in the system) them from the system.

Adding or Editing a department will open Department Details screen with the details as shown below. 

Details Tab

Departments define the cost reporting structure of an organisation and are linked to general ledger entries. Departmental details include: Name, Description, Location No., Department No., and Short Code:

  • Name: Identifies the selected Department and should always include the physical location for specificity.
  • Description: This may include further identification such as state, contact information or an easily recognised internal reference code.
  • Department No: This field allows the explicit selection of a department when inbound swipe logs are received. Swipe logs are first matched by Location No. and then Department No. To link an employee to a department, the Department No. must be unique for each location (Location No.) When using the ClockOn C-Pass system, this field must contain two numeric characters.
  • Short Code: This feature is used when exporting ClockOn processed time sheet data into third party accounting or payroll products, typically to link with payroll classifications.
  • Site No: This field identifies the numeric location to which a Department is assigned. The number is used in configuring ClockOn integrated hardware including SAGEM and legacy C-Pass devices. The Site No. of each incoming swipe log is checked against this field to identify a sub-range of departments. The Site No alone cannot be used to select a Department for inbound swipe logs.
  • Auto Add Break Minimum Shift: This field determines the default break length used for breaks when first added to shifts on the roster screen.
  • Add/remove breaks when sizing: When enabled this field will automatically remove or add breaks when resizing shifts in the roster screen(when dragging the sides of the shift to the left and right to resize) depending upon the shift size.

Accounts Tab

For more information on setting the account codes up for your system please refer to the following article Location Manager - Adding/Editing Department Accounts

  • Connection: This can be set to a Manual or MYOB. MYOB requires an integration connection to connect. 
  • The Account fields are used for interfacing with third party accounting programs. 
  • Account Id: This is the account number or name of a 3rd party package
  • Tax Code: This is the tax code information of a 3rd party package 
  • Job Code: This is the  job code information of a 3rd party package 
  • Tracking Name and Tracking Option: These are additional fields that can be used in Xero or other 3rd party export files