To access Qualifications
  1. Navigate to Setup > Locations
  2. Select the Location from the locations list
  3. Click on the Roles icon.
  4. Now select a role and click on the Qualifications button displaying 

  5. The Add Qualification screen. From here, qualifications may be assigned:

    NOTE: Qualifications include formal and informal credentials required for fulfilling the requirements of individual roles, i.e. it may be company policy that the payroll officer must have a formal qualification from TAFE in accounting, in which case the TAFE Diploma/Accounting would suffice as a possible 'qualification'.

  6. Check or uncheck specific qualifications to assign qualifications to the select role. 

  7. Click on Save

Adding Qualifications to the Master List

  1. To add, edit or delete qualifications from this list, select the ellipses button resulting in the following screen:
  2. Qualifications can now be added to the list of qualifications. Once added, these will be available in the qualifications drop down list when adding a qualification to a role.
  3. From this screen use the Add, Edit, and Delete commands to modify the list.
    NOTE: Before deleting a qualification, first ensure that it is not linked to a role. You will be warned if a qualification is linked to a role and the delete cannot occur.