The General classification comprises overall Rule Settings and the following sub-rules: 

  • Pay and time sheet rounding, 
  • Breaks 
  • Rosters
  • Special Rates (Minimum payment). 
NOTE: The window title caption displays the name of the selected Rule Set


  • Saving Rule Set Details: When a selection is made from a Rule Set, editable options are made viewable in the detail area. Select Save to save changes and then Close. To cancel changes and close the screen without saving, select Close.  Failing to select Save will result in loss of any changes made to the Rule Set.
  • Name: Identifies the name of the selected Rule Set. In general, names should reflect the appropriate award, AWA or individual employment contract.
  • Description: Relates to the Description of the selected Rule Set. In general, descriptions should include date and version information relevant to the selected Rule Set.
  • Employee type: Allows for selection of full time, part time, casual or contractor employee type. The selected employee type is displayed on the pay slip.
  • Workers Comp %: Allows a percentage to be set for this rule set for workers comp. (This is not mandatory.)
  • Pay type: Allows for the selection of either hourly or salary pay type.
  • Select pay period: Allows for the selection of fortnightly, weekly, four weekly or monthly pay periods. For monthly pay periods, further selection of the day of the month is required.

Salary Rule Sets

When a salary rule set is set by using pay type 'salary', there is an additional option available for processing a salary pay.  

Round down to ordinary hours: When enabled, payroll will process a salary employee's pay using the hours defined in their working week of their employee details.  

An example of this would be where a working week is defined as 40 hours, but the timesheets for the employee exceed 40 hours, the payroll will show a total of 40 hours only when it is processed.  If the hours worked are less than 40 hours then the payroll will not perform any rounding of the timesheets, they would be processed as is. If this option is enabled, then the Pay and time sheet roundings should also be disabled for it to work correctly.