Enable the Accrue Special Annual Leave check box. Special annual leave allows you to pay this time at a set percentage rate as well as accrue an amount of hours for the day for time worked on public holidays:

Accrual of Special Annual Leave

  • Pro Rata Down
    Used to incrementally reduce the accrual of special annual leave based on the day's worked hours in instances where the employee doesn't complete the full day of work.
  • Pro Rata Up
    Allows the system to incrementally accrue an additional amount of special annual leave above the set amount in the instances where the employee works longer than the standard working hours for the day.
  • Capping Value (hours) 
    Allows you to set a limit to the number of accrued hours of leave that the employees can have

Payment of Special Annual Leave 

  • Include Penalties is checked to pay additional annual leave inclusive of penalties that would ordinarily have applied. 
  • Include Cumulative Overtime is enabled as the default, reflecting that leave represents hours worked for the purpose of overtime calculation. This condition affects leave hours in the current pay period that are in a cumulative overtime condition. When enabled, cumulative overtime is paid on all leave hours. When disabled, all leave hours that are in the overtime condition are truncated from the payroll, not paid and subsequently not deducted from the employee's entitlement. Common cumulative conditions include over a number of hours per week and over a number of hours per shift.
  • When Include in RDO Accrual is checked, special annual leave entries will be considered worked times and will contribute to the RDO accrual.
  • Enable Pay on Termination instructs the ClockOn termination wizard to pay annual leave by default. This can be manually overridden at the time the termination wizard is opened.  
  • Special Pub. Hol Rate is used to determine the rate the employee will be paid for working on a Sunday or public holiday.
  • The Special Pub. Hol. Entitlement (hours) field determines how many hours of special annual leave will be accrued for working on Sundays and public holidays.