Enable the Accrue Personal leave check box to entitle employees to a per payroll accrual:

Accrual of Personal Leave

  • Accrue at Anniversary Only: Select this when personal leave entitlements are not accrued on a per payroll basis but rather on each anniversary of employment. Typically, an entitlement value for the first year is entered in the employee file (Go to Employee, Setup, Leave tab).
  • Include Overtime in Accrual: when checked, overtime will contribute to the Personal leave accrual.
  • Include workers compensation: when checked, Personal leave will accrue while an employee is on workers compensation leave.
  • Capping Value (Hours):  Personal leave entitlements may be capped to a maximum number of hours. The value entered in this field represents the maximum personal leave entitlement an employee may accrue. A value of zero indicates that the field is disabled and personal leave accrual is unlimited.
  • The Pro Rata Down check box determines whether or not per-payroll personal leave accrual is decreased on a pro rata basis, i.e. when the employee works less than the full time week.
  • The Pro Rata Up check box Determines whether or not per-payroll personal leave accrual is increased on a pro rata basis, i.e. when the employee works more than the full time week.

NOTE: Pro Rata down is most commonly enabled for part time employees.

Personal leave accrual brackets enable variations to the calculation of entitlements based on the number of months worked since employment commenced. Multiple rates of accrual may be entered. The appropriate rate is automatically applied upon payroll generation.

Payment of Personal Leave

  • Enable Include Penalties to include ordinary penalties in personal leave payments.
  • Include Cumulative Overtime is enabled as the default, reflecting that leave represents hours worked for the purpose of overtime calculations. This condition affects leave hours in the current pay period that are in a cumulative overtime condition. When enabled, overtime is paid on all leave hours. When disabled, all leave hours that are in the overtime condition are truncated from the payroll, not paid and subsequently not deducted from the employee's entitlement. Common cumulative conditions include over a number of hours per week and over a number of hours per shift.
  • When Include in RDO Accrual is checked, personal leave entries will be considered worked times and will contribute to the RDO accrual.
  • Enable Pay on Termination to instruct the ClockOn termination wizard to pay personal leave by default. This can be manually overridden at the time the termination wizard is opened.