The Enabled check box determines whether the employee is entitled to long service leave (LSL). Long service is typically accrued in contiguous blocks of weeks (7-days) and therefore any long service leave payments will be pro rated for each day taken. Example, an employee who takes three days long service will have 3/7ths of a week deducted from his or her entitlement:

  • Accrue leave in hours: When enabled long service leave will be accrued in hours. (For more information see: Long Service Leave Accrual in Hours)
  • Include workers compensation: Becomes enabled only when long service leave is accrued in hours. hours. When enabled, long service leave will accrue while an employee is on workers compensation leave.
  • The values entered in the Employee Will Accrue and Years Worked fields are expressed as a ratio. Long service leave accrual begins from the employment commencement date.
  • Becomes a Liability At: Records the number of years of service after which Long Service Leave entitlement becomes an accounting liability.
  • Employee is Eligible At: States the number of years of service the employee must have worked in order to take long service leave.
Payment of Long Service Leave
  • Enable Pay on Termination to instruct the ClockOn termination wizard to pay long service leave by default. This can be manually overridden at the time the termination wizard is opened.
  • Pay with Penalties: Enabling this field allows penalties set up in the Rule Set to be applied to long service leave bookings.