Enable the RDO (Rostered Days Off) Leave check box to entitle employees to a per payroll accrual:


Accrues per: The options for accrual of RDO's are:

  • Days (hours per Day)
  • Days (over x hours)
  • Shift (% of hours): A percentage or shift hours is nominated for the accrual of RDO hours. This excludes any overtime hours.
  • Week: When the accrual type of Week is selected, the option to allocate when earned or allocate to lowest rate will be available.  

The example below illustrates RDO hours per week.

  • Allocate when earned: the RDO accrual will accrue on the day that the hours per week is met.
  • Allocate to lowest rate: the RDO accrual will choose the lowest rate day within the days selected and deduct the accrual from that day.

In the example below, allocate when earned is selected. The RDO accrual is using 03/07/15 and 10/07/15 which are the days that the RDO condition are met (but the employee O/T condition is also occurring on this day).

In the example below, allocate to lowest rate is selected.  The RDO accrual is using 29/06/15 and 06/07/15 because 03/07/15 is paid at a higher rate of pay.


  • Accrues At: The value entered in this field determines the RDO hours accrued when the designated number of hours is worked.
  • Hours for Every: The value entered in this field indicates the number of hours that must be worked before RDO hours are earned.

For example, in the figure, the employee accrues two hours of RDO Leave for every 40 hours worked. Most RDO's (rostered days off) are based on this configuration and will result in a normal day off for every nine days worked at eight hours per day (a nine day fortnight).

Payment of RDO

  • Enable Include Penalties to include ordinary penalties in RDO payments.
  • Enable the Pay on Termination check box to instruct the ClockOn termination wizard to pay RDO leave by default. This can be manually overridden at the time the termination wizard is opened.