The Allowance and Deduction Manager enables the addition or deduction of payroll allowances and deductions from an employee's pay and facilitates the creation of any allowance type including super co-contributions, back pay, tax allowances, and travel allowances. Templates are created as a bucket of allowances to then be applied to and modified, if needed, for groups of individuals (As opposed to creating lots of individual templates for each allowance)

To Open This Screen

  1. Navigate to Setup > Allowances & Deductions
  2. This will open up the list of Allowance/Deduction Templates for you to Edit, Add, Duplicate, Apply or Delete.

Adding/Editing Allowance Sets

To add a new option on this screen simply click the Add button. 

This will open the Edit screen in which you can set a name for the Allowance set.

If you already have an existing template with allowances attached that you are using, you also have the option of using the Duplicate button to clone the settings under a new allowance set name.

Once an Allowance Set is available on the list you can open it by either highlighting it clicking Edit or Double-clicking on it.

From there you can start adding allowance items to the list by using the Add button. This will create a new allowance item and allow you to adjust it's detail as needed.

For more information on the different options and types of allowances available in the system please refer to the Allowance & Deduction Examples article.

Once created the Allowance Set will be available for selection in the Employee Details Pay Tab screen for use at payroll.

You also have options on this screen for assigning the allowance templates to multiple employees on mass using the Apply button. for more information on this please refer to the Allowance & Deduction Manager - Applying Templates to Employees article.