Adding Allowance Temaplates

  1. To add a new Allowance Template, Navigate to Setup > Allowances & Deductions
  2. Select Add to open an new Allowance Template configuration screen.

Editing Allowances

  1. To edit an Allowance Template, first select it from the list and then select Edit. (or double click on the Allowance Temaplate)
  2. Add, edit or remove individual allowances as required.
  3. Select Save when completed.

Editing Individual Allowances & Deductions at Payroll

Individual allowances can be edited at the time of generating the payroll. Amounts edited at payroll are saved only when the payroll is processed and only for the pay slips created during that payroll. Entering a zero value allowance allows for flexible editing of allowances at payroll (i.e. when the amount varies with every payroll). Allowances configured in this manner are not displayed on the pay slip if a value is not entered. Entering a non-zero value for allowances which the amount varies very little with each payroll.

More information is provided on this topic in the payroll section.

NOTE: If an allowance is edited at payroll, the value will be lost if the payroll is cancelled or is not parked.