When an Allowance Template is created from the Allowance Manager it is considered an 'Allowance & Deduction Template'. When templates are applied to employees, the template is copied and added to each selected employee.

Changes made to allowances and deductions via the Allowance Manager must be re-applied to employees in order to take effect. However, changes made to allowances and deductions via the employee form are considered 'individual customisations' and become de-linked from the master template so as not to be updated in the future.

An Allowance Set can be applied to one or many employees and removed via the allowance and deduction manager.

Applying a Template

  1. Navigate to Setup > Allowances & Deductions

  2. Select an Allowance Template then Apply.
  3. Select the employees to which the Allowance Template is to be applied and then Apply.  By doing this, a master set of allowances will be made available to these employees. The allowances for each employee may be edited, to reflect any additional allowances that the employee may receive.
  4. Once the allowance template has been added then you can close the window. 

NOTE: When applying a template to an employee, If they have a modified tick next to their Current Allowance Set then the modified allowance template in the set will not be changed. The new template will just be applies and any allowance relating to the current allowance set, not modified, will be removed.