Allowances can be either removed from the Employee Details screen or from the Allowance Manager by opening the Apply screen.

NOTE: Be aware that when you remove an allowance set from an employee ALL of the allowances are removed and not just the allowances and deductions that are associated with the Allowance template. This means that if there are any individual allowances that have been added to the employee, like pay disinterment or Salary sacrifices, these will also be removed. If you are wanting to keep all of the individual allowances and remove all the allowances from the assigned template then select an empty allowance and deduction template. This is often the Default set

The Employee Details

Removing the allowance set using the Employee Details screen
  1. Navigate to Setup > Employee Details
  2. Click on the Pay tab
  3. Using the Remove button on the employee details screen in the Pay tab. When the remove button is selected the allowances/deductions template is removed from the employee and their allowance set will be None.

The Allowance & Deduction Manager 

Removing the allowance set using the allowance manager screen, 

  1. Navigate to Setup > Allowance & Deductions
  2. Select the allowance/deduction template and then the Apply button.
  3. A list of employees will be shown and the original allowance/deduction template that they were attached to is indicated. The current allowance set column can be sorted by clicking at the top of the column. This allows the allowances sets to be grouped together.
  4. You can then remove the allowances set from the employees you choose using the remove button.