Below is a list of different examples of allowances and deduction that are commonly used in ClockOn as well as screen shots of some of these. 

Before Tax Allowances

Car Travel (in excess of 5000 business km, ATO Rates 1), Crib, Danger, Dirt, Dry Cleaning (compulsory uniform), First Aid Certificate, Height, Laundry (in excess of $300), Meal (in excess of reasonable allowance) , Travel (in excess of reasonable allowance), Meals (not award overtime or overnight travel), Motor Vehicle (non-deductible), Motor Vehicle (work-related travel), Overseas Accommodation (deductible), Safety Officer, Shift, Site, Tools, Trade, Transport (non-deductible), Travelling Time, Travel Part Day.

Tax Allowances (reduces overall tax paid)

Tax adjustment

Additional Tax Payments (increases overall tax paid)

Additional Medicare Levy, Additional Tax.

After Tax Allowances

Car Travel (< 5000 bus km, ATO Rates 1), Transport (Deductible), Laundry <$300, Meal (reasonable allowance), Travel (reasonable allowance), Bonus (<$301), Super Co Contributions

Per-Hour/Day Based Allowances

To setup a worked based allowance ie; per completed hour or worked timesheet/day use the Work Based type as shown below, you can then adjust the Per option to select the appropiate time to prompt the trigger time for the allowance.

Per-KM Based Allowances

To set a kilometer bases allowance set the Type to Travel Kilometers, set the value per Km in the Amount field.

This will give you the option to enter the KM directly onto the payroll

Pay Disbursements

Loan Payment, Bank Deposit, Child Support, Reimbursement (GST exclusive), Employee Purchase (GST exc), Reimbursement (GST inclusive), Employee Purchase (GST incl).