The Rate Schedules allows the configuration of different Rate Sets of pay that may be applied to employees if they either work over a period of industry hours or if an employee's age increase is reflected in a higher pay rate bracket. The Rates Manager also allows the configuration of Special Rates and roles for particular jobs, which can pay at a rate different to the employee's base rate. It is also possible to establish rules which apply to the configured roles and allow control over how they are paid.

How to Access

  1. Navigate to Setup > Rate Schedules.
  2. The Administrator can add, edit, duplicate, apply or delete Rate Sets:

    1. Select the Add button to create a new Rate Set (this may later be applied to individuals or groups of employees). The Rate Set may be based on age, industry hours worked, years worked or simply contain a list of Special Rates to be applied when rostering or editing time sheets.

    2. Select the Edit button to modify the details of an existing Rate Set.
    3. Select the Duplicate button to create an exact copy of the selected Rate Set. You must enter a new name when prompted.
    4. Select the Apply button to link the selected Rate Set to one or more employees.
    5. Select the Delete button to permanently remove the selected Rate Set from the listing. This operation will not succeed if one or more employees are linked to the selected Rate Set.