Manual or ad-hoc rates may be applied to all or part of a shift. Manual Rates do not need to be pre-defined in a Rate Set. Manual rates are applied using the the Roster and Time Sheets screens by editing the Rates from any time sheet details screen.

NOTE: You can also do this from with in Payroll on the time sheets screen, however, to do this please ensure that a Rate set has been applied to the employee on their Pay tab. This needs to be set before entering into payroll otherwise you will need to park the payroll to apply it 

Adding a Manual Rate

  1. Open the Time Sheet screen. Navigate to Home > Time Sheets.
  2. Select the appropriate employee from the drop down list.

  3. Add a new time sheet or edit an existing time sheet.

    • For a new time sheet Set the date for the time sheet/s and complete the necessary fields. 

  4. Click on the Rates button

  5. In the Time Sheet Breakdowns window click on Add and select the appropriate add type

  6. Select Manual Rate from the Special Rate drop down.
  7. Ensure the start and end times for the manual rate are correct.
  8. Enter the Type and pay rate.
  9. Save and Close.