This section applies when employees who are recalled to work (Call back to work) require special rates of pay.

  1. Activate the recall to work (RTW) option in the Rule Set linked to the employee. This is available in the Overtime Configuration 01 section.

  2. Define an appropriate overtime rate sheet.

  3. Open Setup tab, Rate Schedules

  4. Select the appropriate Rate Set from the list and then select Edit.

  5. Select the Special Rates tab.

  6. Enter a new Special Rate using 'Recall to Work' as the Name of the special rate.

  7. Select a role from the drop-down list of roles. Choose the payment option (flat rate, percentage, or +/-$).  

  8. Enter the rate value.

  9. Save the Special Rate and Close.

  10. Check the Rate Set is linked to the correct employee (Pay tab on the Employee Details screen).

  11. Add a timesheet entry and apply all or part of that entry to be 'Recall to Work'
    In the following example, there are two timesheet entries for the same day.  One is for the normal shift worked and the second is for a recall to work entry.

  12. Edit the second timesheet entry and select Rates.

  13. Select the Add button and then choose either Shift times, custom times, clocked times at payroll or shift start/clocked end at payroll.

  14. Use the times as they are shown, or you can change them at this point.  Select 'Recall to Work' from the drop-down list of Special Rates.

  15. Once you select 'Recall to Work' as your special rate, the Rate $ value will automatically be shown. This value is the rate you previously entered in the Rates Manager.

  16. Process the Payroll.
    When the Payroll is processed, the timesheet with the 'Recall to Work' assignment is shown separately in the payment details. The rate you previously entered will be used.