The Employee Details screen list displays the names of all employees include those employed and terminated. Selection of any name in the list enables editing, adding or deleting of employee details. Terminated employees cannot be deleted from the system once historical pay data has been created.

To Access 

  1. Navigate to Setup > Employee Details or select the people icon from the top of the main screen.

Employee Details

On opening the employee detail screen it will go to the Personal tab for the employee who is logged in. 

Editing employee details: If you need to make any changes to ANY of the employee details, on any tab click on the Edit icon and all of the greyed out information will become editable if you have permission to do so.

  • Status: This field classifies employees as employed, terminated or all (both combined). The employee list defaults to Employed. 
  • Employee Image: An employee image can be loaded to the personal detail screen. 
    • Click the right mouse button and select Load to browse to a folder and select the required image.
  • Type: This field can be either Employee or Operator. This allows administrators to be defined as 'Operators' so that they can run ClockOn but do not appear as an active employee and do not use any additional licenses. If set to 'Employee' then they are deemed as an active employee and will be included in the license count.