The Administrator should change the default user name and password immediately during first use.

Accessing Employee Details

  1. Navigate to Setup > Employee Details or select the people icon from the top of the main screen.

Employee Security

  • Security Level: Security roles are configured by the Administrator under System Setup > Security Roles. Security roles determine the limitations of an individual employee's access to the system.
    • Administrator: Administrators have access to the Setup Tab. More than one Administrator with full privileges may be appointed, but a second Administrator with full privileges should be appointed with discretion so as to avoid conflict in matters of authority.
    • The other Security Levels are Employee, Employee (restricted access), Payroll Officer, Timesheet / Leave Officer, Roster Officer and  User Defined. These all have varying access and can be modified by an Administrator 
  • Username: Up to 20 alphanumeric characters may be entered in the Username field, which is used for logging in and out of ClockOn, in conjunction with the password.
  • Login Password: When employee details are first entered, a password must be assigned. The employee should then change the password using the password function in the employee details on the setup tab. Up to 20 alphanumeric characters may be entered in the Password field which, in conjunction with the User name, is used for logging in and out of ClockOn. Passwords must not contain spaces.
  • 2FA: Enable Googles two-factor authentication (See: Two-Factor Authentication)
  • PIN: This is an employee specific number which can be used to clock on and off by an employee using a key pad.
  • Custom ID: This is used with custom exports (such as exporting to 3rd accounting packages) and is used to determine which employees are to be included.
  • Card Batch ID: This is a specific number used with the C-Pass unit. Each batch of proximity cards sent to a customer has a designated site number which is used to identify each such batch of cards and must be entered here or within the ClockOn Service.
  • Custom Include: This is used with custom exports, such as exporting to MicroPay and to determine which employees are to be included.

NOTE: ClockOn will not allow the last Administrator in the system to be deleted or for administrators to delete themselves (i.e. there should always be at least one Administrator within ClockOn). Individual Administrators may, however, delete other administrators in the system.