Details regarding employment categories and employment dates are entered here:

Accessing Categories and Dates

  1. Navigate to Setup > Employee Details or select the people icon from the top of the main screen.
  2. Select the employee from the Employee drop down menu
  3. Click on the Categories / Dates tab
  • Category: Employee categories are used as a means of grouping employees within the workplace for any purpose other than a role as defined elsewhere.
  • Job Title: Name of position held.
  • SIC: Standard industry classification applicable to the employee.
  • Industry Hours: The number of hours completed in the industry. This can be edited at any time but will be automatically incremented at each payroll based on the number of hours the employee has completed.
  • Job Description: Brief description of duties.
  • Start Date: Reflects the date the employee commenced employment with the current employer.
  • Probation Ends: Reflects the date on which the employee's probationary employment period ends. This entry generates an Alert before the due date.
  • Conversion Date: Reflects the date the employee's entitlements were transferred to ClockOn from the previous management system.
  • Qualifies for Leave: Determines the date after which a successful leave applications can be made.