IMPORTANT NOTE: Any updates to the these Year to Date (YTD) amounts will not show on some reports. Typing a value in any of the fields in the YTD screen will overwrite any data already displayed. 

If you need to make any YTD adjustment we recommend contacting ClockOn Support. 

When implementing ClockOn we recommend running a YTD pay run for entering employee YTD values. This can be performed at 2 stages:

  1. All payment summary amounts are manually entered for each employee when ClockOn is initially set up and before processing of the first payroll.
  2. The Administrator begins using ClockOn without entering existing totals. In this instance, ClockOn will commence accumulating data in the payment summary sections as set in Employees. Outstanding payment summary totals (accrued prior to ClockOn implementation) are manually added to the ClockOn values at a later date.

Opening the YTD Screen

  1. Navigate to Setup > Employee Details or select the people icon from the top of the main screen.
  2. Select the employee from the Employee employee drop down menu
  3. Click on the Pay tab
  4. Select the YTD button to open the year-to-date editing screen

Employee Year to Date Amounts

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is recommended that you contact ClockIn if adjustments need to be made to any of the values on this screen.

  • Financial Year: An option to select financial year date ranges.
  • Gross wage: Total of gross wages paid year to date.
  • Before Tax Adjustments: Total of before tax adjustments year to date.
  • Taxable Income: Gross wage minus or plus the total of before tax allowances.
  • PAYE Tax: Total of tax paid year to date.
  • HELP Payments: Total of HELP (Higher Education Loan Program) payments year to date.
  • Tax Adjustments: Total of tax adjustments year to date.
  • Total Tax: Total of PAYE tax plus HELP payment plus tax allowances.
  • After Tax wage: Taxable income minus total tax.
  • After Tax adjustments: Total of after tax adjustments year to date.
  • Net Wage: After tax wage plus or minus after tax allowances.
  • RSEC: (Reportable Super Employer Contributions) Allows the user to enter a custom amount for reportable super that will appear on the employee's PAYG summary for the financial year.
  • Super: Total of employer superannuation payments year to date.
  • Lump Sum Payment A,B,D,E: Total of lump sum amounts paid to the employee.
  • CDEP Salary or Wages: Total of Community Development Employment Project amount year to date.
  • RFBA: (Reportable Fringe Benefits Amount) A single calculated amount added to the payment summary totals prior to preparation.
  • OTE: Ordinary Time Earning is generally what your employees earn for their ordinary hours of work. It includes things like commissions, shift loadings and allowances, but not overtime payments.
  • Allowances: Name and value of allowance required for individual payment summary reporting.
  • Union Fees: Name of union and value of Union Fees deducted year to date.