This screen allows you to terminate an employee as well as keep various notes relating to the employee.

Accessing Termination and Notes

  1. Navigate to Setup > Employee Details or select the people icon from the top of the main screen.
  2. Select the employee from the Employee drop down menu
  3. Click on the Termination / Notes tab
  • Termination: See section on Terminating Employees (Initial Stage) for more details.
  • Termination Notes: Shows notes relating the the employee's termination.
  • Long Service Notes: Use this section for keeping notes related to the employee's long service leave.
  • General Notes: Use this section for keeping any general notes related to the employee (e.g. details such as ruleset and hourly rate before the employee goes on paid parental leave - so upon return there is a record of values to revert to).
  • Attachments/Links: Select this button to attach documents related to the employee. E.g. Web links, copies of court orders related to child support, original resume or images.  Only links are stored.

NOTE: ClockOn stores a link to selected document rather than actually importing it. It is important to leave documents in their original location on disk to enable retrieval when a link is selected.