Once you have received your scanner/s you will need to make arrangements to have the unit/s wall mounted in a position of your choosing by a qualified professional. Installation will require an Ethernet cable of sufficient length to connect the scanner to the provided POE injector that will power the scanner and connect the device to your computer network. 

The “Lan In” Side of the POE injector should be connected to ether your switch or router.

Once installed and powered on the Led bar on the front of the scanner should flash Blue/light blue this will indicate that the device is on your computer network.

For more information on Installing the Scanners please read the Installation Guides:

Adding the Scanner to ClockOn

  1. To add a Finger Terminal to ClockOn Navigate to the Setup tab, then Terminal Manager.
  2. Select Add.

  3. Updated the following information
    1. Location: Choose the location the terminal is being added to.
    2. Department: Choose the department(s) using this terminal. Default is 'all'
    3. Name: The default for the name will be the terminal model name.  This can be replaced with a customised name. e.g. Lunchroom scanner
  4. Under the Device section choose the model of the terminal from the drop down list.
  5. Click on the Scan network button once you have selected the terminal model. This must be selected to find the terminal on the local network. Select the button again if the terminal does not show the first time.
  6. The On Network will be populated with a list of devices once the local network has been scanned and a device has been chosen. 
  7. Select Scanner from “On Network” list

    NOTE: If you are unable to locate the unit try pressing the button on the back until a tone is played (Suprema BioEntry W2)
  8.  The IP address information for the scanner will then populate the fields.
  9. Click on Save to add the scanner
  10. The scanner will then be added to the terminal manager screen, and show as Online (with a tick) when running the status check.

It is recommend that the unit be given a reserved DHCP address to prevent IP conflicts 

Additional Steps for Cloud Customers

NOTE: If your ClockOn server is not located onsite or if you are a Cloud or Managed Payroll Services customer your site will require a static IP address from your internet provider (ISP) and port forwarding to connect though to the scanner on TCP port 51211

  1. Double Click to edit the scanner.
  2. Untick DHCP
  3. Enter your Sites Public IP address (also know as the WAN IP address)

    NOTE: You can find your WAN IP address by Googling "whats my ip address"

  4. Click Save.
  5. The Sites IP (Public) (WAN IP) address will then be added against the scanner.

Additional Settings


  • DHCP: The device is shipped with DHCP on by default.  Please check with your IT providers if change is required. Untick if setting up Suprema models (Does by default).
  • Change on Device: This button is used to update the network configuration on the scanner if updating network settings manually. Select this button when setting up Suprema Models.


  • Synchronise Time: This is enabled by default.  It synchronises the time to the server if it becomes out of sync by more than 2 minutes.
  • Attendance Mode: Configures the device to accept shift and breaks, shifts only or breaks only. It will default based on the model selected above.
  • Required Quality: The required quality for the fingerprint enrolment. This can be Low, Medium, High or Very High.  
  • Date: Used for the Morpho MA units.
  • Time: Used for the Morpho MA units.
  • Set Time on Device: Sets time on the scanner device.