Enrolling an employee’s fingerprint into ClockOn for Time & Attendance is quite straightforward once you have your scanner installed and connect to the ClockOn database. If you require assistance in installing the ClockOn biometric scanner please refer to Installation Guides under the Scanner > Getting Started section of the knowledge base

Enrolling an employee’s fingerprint into the scanner.

https://clockon.com/edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/081318_0457_ScannerEnro3.pngEvery Suprema fingerprint device is loaded with powerful fingerprint algorithm which is capable of extracting quality features even from fingers with poor conditions. Nevertheless, correct placement of the finger on enrolment helps consistency in fingerprint recognition. The following tips will guide how to enrol optimal fingerprint image from a user’s finger which effectively improves recognition performance.

Choose ideal fingers to enrol

For correct positioning of a finger on the sensor, it is recommended to use the index or middle fingers.

Correct positioning of the finger on the sensor

  • Maximum Contact Area: Place your finger to completely over the sensor with maximum contact surface.
  • Place on the Centre: Position centre of the fingerprint(core) to the centre of the sensor.
  • Hold Your Finger Still: Once you place the finger on the sensor, hold your finger still until beep indicator sounds.

Tips for poor fingerprint conditions

  • Wet Finger: Wipe excessive moisture from finger before input.
  • Dry Finger: Use moisturizer or blow warm breath over enrolling finger before input.
  • Stained Finger: Wipe stains off from finger before input.

Using the Enrolment manager

Open ClockOn and log in as a user that has security access to enrol fingerprints (if no other security roles have been set up with this, the Admin user will have this access by default)

  1. To enrol a staff member first click on the Setup Tab and the Employee Enrolment Icon, as shown below
  2. This will open the Enrolment Manager and will have your staff listed.
    NOTE: If you have multiple locations in ClockOn you can use the Location drop-down to select between them, selecting the ALL option will allow you to see all the enrolments between all the scanners.
  3. Find the employee’s name on the list and select it, then click on the finger button in the top right of the screen
  4. This will bring up the following dialogue boxes prompting you to get the employee to place their finger on the scanner.
    NOTE: The employee needs to wait for the Blue light on the scanner to turn a Yellow/Orange colour before placing their finger flat on the scanner.https://clockon.com/edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/081318_0457_ScannerEnro8.pnghttps://clockon.com/edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/081318_0457_ScannerEnro9.png
    The unit will beep to confirm that a scan was done, get them to place their finger a second time.
  5. Once this is done you will get a message in ClockOn prompting it the enrolment was successful, click the “OK” button and the employee will now have an “Enrolled” tick next to their name as shown below.https://clockon.com/edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/081318_0457_ScannerEnro12.pnghttps://clockon.com/edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/081318_0457_ScannerEnro13.png

    NOTE: When an employee is deemed to work at multiple locations/departments prior to enrolling, the finger print identification key is updated at those location terminals automatically (after the enrolment process) by using the synchronisation button. The employee can thus be enrolled at multiple sites from a single terminal.