The Time sheets screen is where you can work with your employee time sheet.

Accessing the Time Sheets

  1. Go to Home tab > Time Sheets or select the Stop Watch icon from the main screen.
  2. This will open up the Time sheet window for the employee that is currently logged in and for the payroll period they are currently in.
    TIP: You can resize this window and by clicking on save desktop icon in the top left corner it will be this size next time you login

    Time Sheets displayed in the list may be selected using the mouse or by using the arrow keys. Double-click or Click on the Edit button to open the Time Sheet/Leave Details for editing.


  • Range: Restricts of expands the display of single or multiple employees. The selection defaults to a single employee.
  • Location: This drop down list identifies the location at which the time sheets have been generated.
  • Employee: This drop down list identifies the employees for whom time sheets may be retrieved and displayed.
  • Department: This drop down list identifies the department to which the individual time entries will be allocated.
  • Day: This column displays the day of the time sheet entry.
  • Date: This column displays the date of the time sheet entry.
  • View/Type: This column identifies the shift or the leave type relating to the selected time sheet entry.
  • Start Date: The date defaults to the first day of the current pay period for the selected employee.
  • End Date: The date defaults to the last day of the current pay period for the selected employee.

NOTE: The “*” column (last column) displays either a green tick, red cross or a question mark identifying leave entries that have been approved, denied, unprocessed or not actioned.

Time Sheet Validity and Colours

  • Grey time sheets are read-only and have been previously processed in a payroll.
  • Maroon time sheets have not been processed in a payroll but belong to a previous pay period. These can be edited prior to processing. This functionality can be used to add time sheets omitted in the previous payroll to the current payroll for processing.
  • Black, Purple or Retime sheets apply to the current pay period and can be edited (with appropriate security access):
    • Black time sheets are valid time sheet entries are displayed in black and valid if they contain:
      • Sign On, Sign Off and Break time, which displays a total length or
      • Total hours only.
        NOTE: A Time Sheet entered as total hours only will not attract penalty payments, loadings or other payments relating to specific times of the day.
    • Purple time sheets are time sheets with warnings or possible problems at pay roll and need to be approved or fixed up (Example: Leave in a negative balance, Clock on or off to early or late - possible pay truncation)
    • Red time sheets are error that need to be resolved (Example: Missing times)

Note: For 'Restricted Access' employees, times sheets are read-only.

Change the Time Sheet Sort Order

Each column in the time sheet display may be sorted by clicking on the column title.

  1. Click once to sort in ascending order, click twice to sort in descending order: