To create multiple timesheets follow up the steps below.

  1. Select Time Sheets from the home tab or select the stop watch icon from the main screen.
  2. Select the employee, from the Employee drop-down, that you want to add the timesheet for
  3. Select Add to open the Time Sheet/Leave Detail editing screen - Ensure that no other Timesheet is selected or you will create a duplicate timesheet 
    NOTE: You can only add a new timesheet if the Range filter is set to one of the Individual filters
  4. The Time Sheet Details window will open. Update or add the following:

    1. Enter the From (Start Date) and to (End Date) for the timesheet. This will default to the start date of the period
      NOTE: To the right of the date there will be a note on how many timesheet records you will be adding 
    2. Select the correct location. (The employee's default will be already added)
    3. Select the correct Department. (The employee's default will be already added))
    4. Select the appropriate Type from the drop-down list 
      1. The timesheet will make it a worked time entry
      2. Leave will make it a leave entry and a Category filed will appear below the Role drop-down
    5. Click on the Ellipsis button to add a shift, add a Start and End time for the shift and click Save or select from the Shift most recently used dropdown (not mandatory).

      NOTE: you will be prompted to save the whole timesheet when pressing save. Click Yes
    6. Select from the Role drop down. (The employee's default will be already added)
    7. If a Leave type has been selected there will be a Category drop down of leave types.
    8. Enter any General or Incidents notes (if required).
    9. Select the Apply All button.

      NOTE: The first entry you enter serves as the 'template' timesheet when the Apply All button is selected.
    10. Save and Close.

Alternatively, each day may be edited one day at a time by using the Save button instead of Apply All. This allows the detail for each day to be varied as required. When doing so, the day/date and record indicator will change to reflect the entry being added or edited.

NOTE: All edits made to timesheet entries are automatically audited by ClockOn.